Consecration Sunday

Consecration Sunday is coming, November 19th!

During morning worship on Consecration Sunday, we ask that you prayerfully ask, “what proportion of my income is God calling me to give?” and then complete a commitment card. Following worship we will then enjoy a celebration brunch together in the parish hall.

This fall, our stewardship emphasis is on the biblical and spiritual principles of giving. Our pledges to the church are not merely the means by which we pay our bills here at St. Paul’s. If that were so, we would be more like a social club, requiring dues. Rather, Our annual pledges are a way in which we grow spiritually, acknowledging the truth that ALL we have is a sacred gift from God, and as followers of Jesus Christ, our gifts are an unselfish act of discipleship.

This year, on Consecration Sunday, November 19th, you are invited to ponder what proportion of income you give to St. Paul’s (and other charities), and use that as a starting point for considering your annual pledge. Tithing, or offering ten percent of your income is the biblical standard for giving. Of course, not everyone can or will tithe right away but we can all practice proportionate giving by becoming aware of our giving practices and moving toward tithing. 

Our gifts enable our mission work among our congregation, the community and the world in Christ’s name. We are beacons for God’s love in so many ways, and we cannot thank you enough for your continued participation in building God’s kingdom!