Confirmation Class Schedule


September 17th 9:00am:  Organizational meeting with students & parent(s) - review calendar, expectations, volunteer help, curriculum – at the end of the year, teens will choose whether to be confirmed or not.

*All Class Meetings will be held in Moore Conference Room from 11:30-12:30pm

October 22nd:            Class Meeting 1: Where do you stand?

October 29th:             Presentation of Confirmands and Parents in 10am Worship service &  Class Meeting 2: “A Mad Dash Through a Good Book”

November 19th:         Class Meeting 3: Our Book of Common Prayer

December 10th:           Class Meeting 4: Teach us to Pray

***** 2018 *****

January 21st:                Class Meeting 5: Ministry Fair in Parish Hall – “Ministry of the Baptized”

February 11th:             Annual Meeting

February 14th:              Ash Wednesday Worship – 7am, 4pm, or 7:30pm

March 11th:                 Shadow Stations Rehearsal 1

March 18th:                 Shadow Stations Rehearsal 2

March 25th:                 Shadow Stations Rehearsal 3

Wednesday, March 28th:        Holy Week Shadow Stations of the Cross, 7pm Parish Hall

March 29th:                 Maundy Thursday 7:30pm
March 30th:                 Good Friday 4pm or 7:30pm

April 15th:                    Class Meeting 6: Sacraments

Saturday, April 21st:    CONFIRMATION 10am at Grace Episcopal Church, Madison

April 22nd:                   10am Worship/Reception/”All About Me” Sunday!

July TBD:                     Mission Trip


*Confirmation “Retreat” options: Feb 24th, Mar 3rd, or March 24th.  The retreats are no longer overnights, but on Saturday 9am – 3pm.  We can pick a date that works best for our group.