Advent 2019 at St. Paul's

Donald Winnicott, a British pediatrician and psychoanalyst, noted, famously, and with some controversy, that “there’s no such thing as a baby.” By this, he meant that there is no such thing as a baby, alone. A baby’s very existence requires a mother, or a mothering presence, and a baby can only grow and flourish in relationship. In Advent, we wait, with a hope that is pregnant with possibility, and know that the baby we await is not a baby without someone else. This baby is Jesus, and he was born into this world to be in relationship with us.

So we watch and wait this Advent, with a spiritual posture of expectation. We are all born anew in Christ’s birth, drawn into relationship with the One who IS relationship. Join us this Advent, as we ponder how God’s relational presence will break more fully, and more radically, into our lives. Watch and wait.

December 1st: Advent Wreath event (all ages); North Porch ministry representative, Cynthia Moricz de Tesco at 8am and 10am worship; North Porch Angel Tree in Lobby

December 8th: Journeying Way of Love, Adult Education 11:15 - 12noon Vestry Library; Children's Chapel 10:10am; Confirmation Class 11:15-12noon

December 15th: Baptism at 10:am; Journeying the Way of Love Adult Education 11:15-12noon Vestry Library; St. Nicholas Sunday for Children in Parish Hall; Pageant rehearsal for Narrators, Mary and Joseph

December 22nd: Advent Lessons & Carols at 10am (no music at 8am); Children's Chapel; Carol-sing in Church during Greening of the Church; Soup lunch in Parish Hall and Cookie Exchange.